Can life really be like this? Is life a dream that we can change at will?

This world could be a wonderful adventure if the individual wants it to be. The idea of faith has been somewhat hijacked by strict organization’s and philosophies, it has with it a certain amount of baggage. Although, this faith that the universe is working in your favor is “the solution” to every problem on planet earth. Being guided by synchronicity and intuition is the key to finding your life’s path, also holding the vision that you want to see manifest in your reality. The universe has a wonderful way of molding to our thoughts and dreams. Is this Possible? Only if you believe it is, and if you have faith that your belief can manifest, then it will, it is all a matter of how much faith the individual has in their dreams and thoughts. This is what I have found.

The Celestine Prophecy Movie and Book lays out a vision of how we are going to evolve as a species, take notes…

~ by The acausal realms on December 26, 2009.

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