Dreaming another Dream

It is “evil” not to “live”,  but when you start to “love” yourself and everybody around you humanity starts to “evol”ve, Do not be afraid to go with the “Flow” you will not be eaten by a “wolf”.  Step away and “Let “ go I will not “tell” on you.

This world is ours to create, find your inner child and realize that the kingdom of god is within you. You are not a “dog” owned by the leaders of the world you are without doubt a “God” able to co-create this world into a magnificent place. Put down your guns and your “sword”,  for the power of “words” and love is our most powerful weapon. “Poly tics” is nothing more than, “many” “bloodsuckers” trying to control your creative and spiritual potential.

Corporate statutes and “laws” have created “walls” in your mind, you do not need to “stand under” or “understand” all of these laws or walls, but you should  “lighten up” and become “enlightened” by knowing yourself, then we could possibly transcend this system and I will meet you in the acausal (synchronistic) realms, where we can dream another dream.

You don’t need a “License” to sit in “silence” and “listen” to your intuition, but you might want to make a “list” of your dreams, which the universe can manifest if you have faith in yourself and the god force. Now let’s all go live and love, and listen to other peoples “lists” of dreams and how they can “synchronize” with yours, maybe you might even stumble across the concept of synchronicity. Now stop being so “stressed” and lets all go eat some “desserts”.

Channeled from the creative and acausal realms,

Kane Dice

~ by The acausal realms on January 20, 2010.

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