Projections of the “Shadow Self”

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You can take away a mans gods, but only to give him others in return. The leaders of the mass state cannot avoid being deified, and wherever crudities of this kind have not yet been put over by force, obsessive factors arise in their stead, charged with demonic energy- for instance, money, work, political influence and so forth. Hence, it is quite natural that with the triumph of the goddess of reason a general neuroticizing of man should set in, a disassociation of personality analogous to the splitting of the world today by the Iron Curtain. This boundary line bristling with barbed wire runs through the psyche of modern man, no matter on which side he lives. And just as the typical neurotic is unconscious of his shadow side, so the normal individual. It has even become a political and social duty to apostrophize the capitalism as one and the communism of the other as the very devil, so as to fascinate the outward eye and prevent it from looking at the individual life within (pg, 78, The Undiscovered Self). -Carl Jung

~ by The acausal realms on March 17, 2010.

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