I AM a Heretic in the New Age

“I AM” a Heretic in the New Age
By: Kane Dice

“And so, dominated by a woman dictator, this strange subversive cult which has deceived and hypnotized so many…broken up homes. . . brought about divorces. . . caused insanities. . . blasphemed Christ…propagated lies.. enunciated doctrines of hate… instilled nameless fear…bound thousands to psychic “Masters”…sent death blasts at the President of the United States—still continues in the United States of America, land of “religious” liberty. Strange, incredible, fantastic—pathetic—yet this is the true story of that most extraordinary cult, known as the “Mighty I AM.” (pg. 238, Bryan.)”
-Psychic Dictatorship in America, by Gerald Barbee Bryan, 1930

The “I AM” cult claims that their philosophy is a combination all religions, although as you will see, the made up mythical “God” Saint Germain is only comparable to the most cruel of dogmatic religious figures. Is this the New Age Illuminati Religion which conspires to destroy individuality? One where the dogmatic fury of all religions is brought together to mind control its followers into a state of fear and subservience in a psychic dictatorship? I will leave such speculation up to you. Nonetheless, I will attempt to give my best explanation of why I see the “I AM”/ Saint Germain and Ascended Masters Movement as a manipulative and deceptive cult, which is hijacking the creative powers (as well as wealth, health and happiness) of its followers through what I call a “Spiritual Trap”.
This past weekend I was invited by a loose group of friends to a free seminar in Denver, CO called “TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR LIFE” with Patricia Diane Cota-Robles. Although suspicious, I was compelled to go and take a look for a few hours. I was surprised to see that this seminar was particularly focused on discussing what you would call “New Age Philosophies”, and it was packed full of people! Many concepts which were expressed in this seminar were very true and I resonated with the idea that we can change our life through our intentions.
Although, it depends on what direction we want the world to change towards, as well as who is leading the movement. What are the goals and/or dreams of this cult? Are the intentions of these “Ascended Masters” benevolent ones?
At the New Age Seminar I had an eery feeling that almost made me sick. It was a kind of psychic vampirism I experienced a few months ago while in a Catholic Cathedral. So when the leader of the free seminar told us to uncross our legs and let the energies of the “Mighty I AM” presence flow through our body, I intuitively left the room. Listening to less than decent music and praying to ascended masters made me suspicious that a psychological operation was underway. The dictator of the seminar Patricia Diane Cota-Robles continued throughout the rest of the seminar to talk about violet flames, the “Mighty I AM”, and spirit of Saint Germain which we must open up to in order to save ourselves and the world.
(The St. Germain Foundation has a Mansion in Denver, CO located right across the street from the Metaphysical Research Society where I attend the occasional meet-up. The Saint Germain Foundation must have quite avid and wealthy connections seeing that they have a huge mansion as well as a whole worship/ monastery garden in their backyard. I here they have mansions like this in many cities across the U.S.)

Origins of the “I AM” Movement and its Psychological Operations:
This movement seemed to be setting up a “spiritual trap”, and as I followed this intuitive feeling through further research I found some astonishing information concerning the founding of the “I AM” Movement as well as the mysterious character known as St. Germain.
The originators of the “I AM” Cult were Guy and Edna Ballard. Godfre Ray King was the author of Unveiled Mysteries which was first to discuss a magical encounter on Shasta Mountain in California where he was first visited by Saint Germain.
“Godfre Ray King, we later learn is none other than Guy W. Ballard, co-originator of the mighty I AM cult; and, according to this book, he “had been sent on government business to a little town situated at the foot of the mountain.” (p. 1, Unveiled Mysteries.)…..
While there, according to his account, he occupied his leisure time trying to unravel a strange rumor concerning an alleged Occult Brotherhood said to be domiciled in the mountain vastnesses of Mt. Shasta—California’s own “Mystic Mountain. (pg. 15, Bryan)”

This strange cult seems to diabolically give followers the story that the Ballards and other leaders were contacted by hidden masters which then through out of body experiences flew them to magical places like India and Tibet where they received knowledge and enlightenment. Through these myths the “I AM” Movement of the early 1900‘s supposedly grew into about 1 million devote followers according to Bryan.
Guy Ballard claimed to be a reincarnation of George Washington while Edna Ballard claimed to be the reincarnation of Joan of Arc, savior of France. Through followers believing in their facade they were able to threaten and manipulate many, which was also done through writing letters posing as the spirit of St. Germain.
One of the letters addressed to the Sevenfold Committee in Los Angeles finished with this statement,
“I AM the making this one last attempt to help you. Choose. The All-seeing Eye of God is upon you.  SAINT GERMAIN. (Grammar Errors by St. Germain) (pg. 42,  Bryan).”
It seems that this “I AM” movement is not a metaphysical movement at all, but in fact a political movement which uses a spiritual hierarchy and mysterious ascended masters to influence and guide its members. This cult is undoubtedly performing psychological operations on unsuspecting people lured in by Mystery, Free Seminars, and unfortunately guidance and help.
According to Gerald Bryan ( a victim of the “I AM” psy-ops) in his book Psychic Dictatorship in America written in the 1930’s, (it can be downloaded at this site: http://users.on.net/~thefirstbruce/Ballards/ ) the “I AM” movement and practices have left followers being used, mistreated, and many have just gone mad after practicing the “I AM” incantations and following the strict dogma of the Saint Germain Foundation. See this site for victim accounts, http://users.on.net/~thefirstbruce/Ballards/.
Here is a description of what Gerald Bryan thought of the psychological operations undertaken by the “I AM” Movement being a victim himself.
“It is this psychological danger which so greatly permeates the Ballard movement. Its leaders seek in every way possible to keep students from thinking for themselves. They try constantly to prevent people from reading anything that seeks to tell the truth about their movement. They inject into the minds of their students thoughts of terrible consequences that will result should they dare criticize or question one little thing concerning this “Ascended Master” instruction. (pg. 46, Bryan)
This cults’ “Spiritual Trap” is what George Orwell would refer to as a “Doublethink” psy-op, where they pose as a hip Metaphysical movement focused on helping you get in touch with your life’s purpose and discover the ONENESS of the universe, while asking followers to worship a spiritual hierarchy of “Ascended Masters” that are more a part of the ONENESS than  you are, utter insanity.

Pathetically Mysterious St. Germain:
The mysterious character known as St. Germain is the main “Master” worshiped by the “I AM” Cult. The myths of this man vary and are very hard to believe, he is claimed to have been a bloodline prince of Translyvania, Francis Bacon, WIll “I AM” Spear Shaker (William Shakespeare), French Freemason, Rasputin, Merlin, Christian Rosenkruetz, and supposedly has ties to the Illuminati, nonetheless he is held in high esteem by many occultists.
“That equally mysterious personage, the Russian noble-woman, Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, who founded the Theosophical Society, calls him “the greatest Oriental Adept Europe has seen during the last centuries.” (Theosophical Glossary) Her occult brother and co-worker, Col. Henry S. Olcott, considered him “a messenger and agent of the White Lodge,” using this term to mean “that Brotherhood of Adepts who stay back of the scenes and manipulate world affairs through agents for the good of humanity. (pg. 87, Bryan)
St. Germain is a perfect figure to use for appealing to a humans need for mystery. Although through worshipping “ascended masters” the outward eyes of followers are tricked from looking where the real power lies, in the “themselves”. As Manly P. Hall states, over Saint Germain “hangs the veil of impenetrable mystery.” Possibly referring to the fact the St. Germain is a myth and illusion/smokescreen blinding onlookers from the occult brotherhood behind him leading so many to confusion, fear, and suffering.
Gerald Bryan discusses the dogmatic principles which the “I AM” Cult has to adhere to,
“It (or he, St. Germain) tells them what to eat, what to wear, and what not to. It flatters them on occasions, and threatens them generally all the time. It tells them when they can “Ascend” and when the can’t. It tells them what “Friends” to place at the seat of the United States Government, and what will happen to some already there. It is the strangest sort of dictatorship extant in a world already encompassed with odd dictatorships. It is a dictatorship which is not backed by a police force or army, or by a physical-plane Hitler, Stalin, or Mussolini, but by the psychically-armed might of the Ballard legions of “Ascended Masters” that are pledged to sweep America and the earth. (pg, 94, Bryan)

Modern Movement:
The establishment of a new government is an odd goal of this “I AM” movement. The philosophy of a “New World Order” held by the Illuminati is unnervingly similar to this cult. The pamphlet which is given in the modern day free seminars has some pretty alarming connotations. In the pamphlet, it discusses the importance of visiting Washington D.C. (a laughable spiritual place) on August 14-19 to the 24th Annual, World Congress on Illumination, it invited all Light workers to join hands and be of service to the light and seek guidance within the Fiery Violet Temples…..
“The Beings of light have revealed that pulsating in the Etheric Realms above Washington D.C. is a complex of 5th dimensional Violet Flame Temples….
Saint Germain is the Hierarch of these temples and he works closely with Archangel Michael, and all the other beings of light associated with the violet flame who serve within these Temples. Saint Germain is orchestrating this facet of the Divine Plan, and he will guide us step by step throughout this year…
The activity of light that we are being called to fulfill is not associated with government specifically. It certainly involves every person in the governments of the world at national, state, and local levels, but it includes every man, woman, and child on earth as well. (Patricia Diane Cota-Robles, 2010)”

(From my studies into channeled works, the phrase “lightworker” sounds familiar and is not always associated with “Ascended Masters” ,“St. Germain”, and “I AM” activity, but it seems to have been filtered into this seminar to give the “I AM” movement more credibility. I know there are also benevolent guides, angels, and spirits from the spirit world, which help people, but these should not be confused with “Ascended Masters” that force beliefs onto followers.)
It is apparent that this cults’ goal is to eradicate individuality and creative power by allowing psychic “Masters” to run followers lives. The true power and mystery which movements like this try to suppress is the power to dream and think individually. Dreaming reality into being as shamans have done for thousands of years is our greatest power and gift. Controlling the creative nature of the human is by far one of the most diabolical conspiracies which the “I AM” cult is engaged in.
For the last century the “I AM” Cult has been injecting psychic poison into unsuspecting minds. It seems that the myth of Ascended masters giving followers messages from a spiritual hierarchy is the current illusion which modern-day spiritual seekers must recognize as a complete farce. The result of followers worshiping these “masters” is that they are actually giving trust, energy, and don’t forget money, to an Occult Brotherhood which plan to enslave the human species under a psychic dictatorship.
The history of the “I AM” movement laid out in Psychic Dictatorship in America by Gerald Bryan is worth a read to say the least. Although much of what the New Age Metaphysical movement preaches I agree with, such as we can change this world through our intentions and create a different reality. The idea of getting “orders” from Saint Germain isn’t creating reality for yourself and the good of humanity, but for an Occult Brotherhood.
The “I AM” movement seeks to create a new kind of government in the New Age, this seems similar to the goals of the Illuminati who are already in control of the Fiery Violet Temples in Washington D.C. where this cult plans to send its followers.
The secret that is most suppressed is that humans have an incredible power to dream reality into being. Our dreams come into manifestation as intentions, thoughts, and actions become focused on our own individual dreams, rather than those of dogmatic “Masters”.
Patricia Diane Cota-Robles said many times during her ritual, (I mean seminar….) that everyone has a mission, (her idea of a fulfilling a life’s mission is supporting the “I AM” Cult),  it seems that one of my missions is to help expose the “I AM”/ Saint Germain Cult, therefore being a Heretic in the New Age!
P.S. This movement is also associated with a saying which has gotten on my nerves lately, “LOVE and LIGHT”, and I hope those who use this saying take note of its previous users.
“May God’s Love and Light ever enfold you.” (Signed) Guy W. Ballard (pg.30, Bryan)

1. Gerald B., Bryan. (1940). Psychic Dictatorship in America. Los Angeles, California: Truth    Research Publications.
2. Patricia Diane Cota-Robles, P.D.C.R. (2010, March). New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose. Take Charge of Your Life, 2-3.

Kane Dice is a freethinking 19 year old writer, researcher, and adventurer. Inspired by the works of Carl Jung, Kane’s main objective is to illuminate the collective unconscious by bringing information which is unconscious to the light of the conscious mind. Regular contributor to Acausalrealms.com, his topics of study include shamanism, psychology, spirituality, philosophy, counterculture news and much more. Contact at kanedice@hotmail.com.

3 Responses to “I AM a Heretic in the New Age”

  1. Holy Shit! I live in the Denver neighborhood that their big white mansion is for the “St Germain Foundation”. It is on on
    of my jogging routes. I have always thought it looked like the “crazy house” or a sanitarium. It has creepy written all over it. I NEVER see a person around it or in it. Thanks for the information. I have been meaning to google it for the past five years that I have lived here. I just remembered today. Thank you again! Wow……”I am”(hahaha) pretty blown away by the crap that they are about and “I am”(hahaha) amazed that it took this long for me to remember to look it up. Seriously?????!!!!!!

    • haha yeah, that “I AM” cult is devious to say the least. I have seen so many spiritually seekers, even really gifted psychic’s get sucked into that cult. Thank you for the comment.

  2. i had a feeling that the big ‘ol white mansion was owned by some kind of cult. it is a beautiful old mansion, i feel sorry for it being populated by a bunch of moonied-up zombies. i lived on the hill for sometime, and have also never seen anyone in or around that house. kerreepy… i found this as i was curious as to what the st germain foundation was. do you know how many members they claim to have?

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