Sitting Journal #1

I sat in meditation in the Denver City Park for 3-4 hours today next to a main road. I began to think about people’s ego’s as they walked or drove past. Some people waved or smiled and other people were just confused as I sat in meditation. Human nature is very interesting, the phrase “monkey see, monkey do” comes to mind when watching the cars go by in little box’s.
I learned how to meditate about 3-4 years ago, and it made me realize how insecure I was about meditating in front of others. I have learned now that this was because of unconscious content (Shadow) not made conscious therefore creating an unconscious block on my dreams. Robert Bly described the Shadow Self eloquently when he said, ” We spend our entire lives till we are 20 putting things in the bag (which represents the unconscious), and we spend the rest of our lives trying to get them out”. He also stated that, “the shadow forms during early years in the process of developing the ego”.
In my own experience and opinion, which is all I can speak from. I think that the shadow represents and symbolizes, the light of creativity, imagination, and dreams that are put in a bag, or ignored, so that the ego can be developed. There is so much we don’t know about life and so many path’s we can take with faith in creativity and imagination, and when this is put aside and only one or two pre-programmed paths of life are taken, then we inhibit our growth and produce a shadow. So opening to more possibilities for human potential and ways of existence and acting upon them should make the unconscious conscious.
Getting rid of the shadow may be painful for most people, but as Carl Jung says ” The shadow becomes hostile when misunderstood or ignored.” So understanding the dark side of human nature and facing it should be of utmost importance on a spiritual journey. Unfortunately, many people need a symbolic brick dropped on them before they realize the presence of the shadow. So I’m sitting in Denver Park next to the road facing the shadow in other people. In a sense I am pleading for them to open their bag of creativity and imagination and shine that light onto the world, unfortunately there are demon’s of the shadow guarding the gate which we all have to face with love.

~ by The acausal realms on April 22, 2010.

6 Responses to “Sitting Journal #1”

  1. Up until 10 years of age I lived in a house on a busy road and I remember watching the cars and buses go by and thinking what a pointless way to live – just going round and round in these little moving noisy boxlike vehicles to where and why…….. since becoming an adult I can appreciate modes of transport for the purpose they serve but often have twinges of regret for what they have taken away…….. namaste, sasha

    • Thanks for the comment mom,
      I appreciate modes of transportation as well, maybe what bugs me is when people become separated in their cars, cubicles, and house’s in the city, that many people in my generation do not get to see the real essence of life, and where happiness, solutions, and soul purpose lies which is in other people. I guess it is a lesson trying to balance things.

  2. Deep thoughts.
    Love You

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