The Nature of Belief

What do you believe? What if collective beliefs hindered our most well meant intentions and dreams? These hindering beliefs are mainly propagated by religion, and culture.  To join any aspect of these it is necessary to share the same beliefs, therefore allowing authority figures to dictate where your attention, intention, and action are projected. This not only dis-empowers the individual, but slowly sucks humanity down a narrow unenlightened path of existence.

According to The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, “Belief” is the “psychological state in which an individual holds a proposition or premise to be true”. In Logic, the foundation of an arguments conclusion rests in the validity of the premises, the goal of the logician is to come to a sound conclusion based upon truthful premises. As individuals we should test the  collective premises (beliefs) in human potential and come to our own conclusions of reality based on reason and direct experience.

On a spiritual journey pondering belief contained in religious doctrine becomes quite interesting. For instance, in Genesis of the King James Companion Bible, knowledge as in the “knowledge of good and evil which the serpent gave unto Adam and Eve” is defined as “Sense or Perception”. In this case, an outside authority, the Serpent in the Bible, gave Adam and Eve a sense (or belief) of good and evil.

Similar to how modern day preachers, gurus, and monks preach what is good and evil to their “flock”, the sense of “Self” is not coming from direct experience, but from outside authorities.  Beliefs can be properly depicted as eggshells which entrap our true essence from shining out onto the world. Cultural indoctrination and religious doctrine construct the eggshells which control the decision making of humanity, therefore allowing programmed beliefs to create reality instead of the loving, sharing, imaginative spirit of man.

Kane Dice is a freethinking 19 year old writer, researcher, and adventurer. Inspired by the works of Carl Jung, Kane’s main objective is to illuminate the collective unconscious by bringing information which is unconscious to the light of the conscious mind. Regular contributor to, his topics of study include shamanism, psychology, spirituality, philosophy, counterculture news and much more. Contact at

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